No BS pricing on domains and SSL Certs

Free WhoIs Privacy included.

Look, we get it. When all you need is to register a domain and secure it with an SSL certificate, but all you find is unpredictable pricing, expensive renewals, absurd margins, aggressive upselling and other underhanded tactics, you might get a little ornery. We wouldn't want any of that to happen to us, so we won't do any of that to you. Matter of fact, we're going to make a few promises to you that will save you a lot of time, money and headaches down the road. Here they are....

  1. We will offer fair and predictable pricing for all domain registrations, renewals and transfers. WhoIs Privacy is included at no extra charge for available domains.
  2. We will provide cheap and predictable SSL Cert prices with no ridiculous renewal surprise pricing. They're the same Certs you'll buy anywhere else, so why pay more?
  3. We will not aggressively cross-sell/up-sell at checkout. You won't have to skip through 10 pages of items you don't want to add to your cart. Moreover, we wont bombard your inbox with daily marketing emails pitching stuff that you don't want or need. We're here when you need us.
  4. We promise to be reasonable about things. If you think you see us doing something that we could do better or pricing that seems way off-side, let us know. We're sure we can come to a compromise.
  5. We promise to have a sense of humor about things. We hope we don't offend anyone. Life is too short to stay offended. Maybe we should apologize in advance, just in case. Meh... nevermind.
  $16 .COM domains, with free WhoIs Privacy of course. Search for your .COM
  $169 EV SSL Certs, with that cool Green Browser Bar. Get the Green Bar

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