Selling real estate is hard work. I'm sure you've asked yourself what you can to do make your property stand out from all of the others in the area. If you've already put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, refinished the cabinets and updated the appliances to seal the deal, but you're still looking for that final cherry-on-top for your promotional strategy, keep reading.

We have one simple idea that can improve the chances of discovery of your property for just a few dollars. The key to this idea is, as always in real estate, location, location and location. But we're not talking about "location" in the traditional sense, we're talking about another kind... 

This inexpensive marketing idea can help you promote your property much more easily and effectively. No longer will you have to refer your customers to a random MLS listing number or confuse them by asking them to search a website with millions of listings. This is what you do...

Create a dedicated online home-base for your property, by registering one of the many new real estate related TLDs for each of your individual real estate holdings. This quick and easy step clearly and concisely communicates the location as well as the intent of the property owner, whether it be to rent, sell or lease. 

Say for example, you own a property at 123 Heritage Drive, that you'd like to sell or rent. A few different options might be to register one or all of the following domains:


Once registered, you could do one of two things:

  1. Host your own website with full details of the property including rent/sale price, maps, photos, videos and contact information. Wordpress is great for this. They have a free hosting plan and lots of free themes to create a beautiful website very quickly.
  2. Add a URL redirect to your DNS settings to point to an existing MLS listing, AirBnB/VRBO or realtor's page.

And that's it! You've instantly got an online home for your property that is infinitely more shareable on social networks, and is more memorable and recognizable in situations where you are marketing by word of mouth. These TLDs instantly convey a clear and memorable message about your property. This strategy will increase the number of qualified leads for potential buyers and renters, and get your next deal closed in a hurry

Use promo code REALESTATE17 at to save 10% on the following domains (with free WhoIs Privacy Protection included!):

  • .BUILD
  • .CASA
  • .HAUS
  • .HOUSE
  • .IMMO
  • .LAND
  • .RENT

Good luck and happy marketing! Feel free to share any thoughts, unique ways that you have used one of the new real estate TLDs or other success stories in the comments section.

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